Shot Peening Balls For Steel Machine

PS SEA Shot Peening Balls

Our Shot Peening balls are spherical in shape with no sharp edges. Our shot peening balls size are more than 75% of particles being the average size.

Since our Shot Peening balls have spherical shape, there is no micro damage to the Steel Belt due to sharp edges with other products.

Competitor product often has non-uniform shape and sharp edges with large size variation and high % or fines.

Most of the competitor use carbon steel ball that can cause micro contamination of the material chemical composition at the Stainless Steel Belt surface causing reduced belt life. Our peening steel balls are designed and made for Shot Peening Steel Belts.

Our Shot Peening balls will work well on the Steel Belt have been used very successfully for Steel Belt flattering service even after multiple Shot Peening Services. Competitor product often is less effective and in some cases may have no effect at all especially on a Steel Belt that has been previously flattened many times by Shot Peening.